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Hope is not a strategy. It is not good enough to hope that your sales increase this year. It is foolish to simply hope that your culture will improve all by itself. Action is required.


It is also not enough just to try to improve these things. Training is required. If you went out today and tried to run a marathon, how would you do? Most people could try their very hardest and would still fail miserably. There is no point screaming at them to try harder; they need to train.


Floyd’s unique training model is called dual-purpose training. The idea is to train people in a way that demonstrates how ideas impact them both personally and professionally. Studies show that dual-purpose training increases retention by as much as 60 percent.


We offer a number of key trainings based on Matthew Kelly’s best-selling books and other topics.


Our best-selling trainings are . . . 


Highly engaged employees always have two things in common:


1) They believe the future can be bigger than the past.

2) They believe they can do something each day to bring about that bigger future.


It is foolish to hope that employees will be passionate about their work if they are not passionate about their lives—and a staggering number of people are not passionate about their own lives.


In his best-selling book The Dream Manager, Matthew Kelly writes, “Most people spend more time planning their annual vacations than they do planning their lives.” It is sad, but it is true.


Most people do not live their lives strategically, so it is insane to expect them to execute their work strategically.


This training is not a lecture. It is a highly engaging, interactive workshop that helps participants identify their dreams and create a strategy to start accomplishing some of those dreams.


The results will blow your mind. You will be amazed at how this training will increase employee engagement. Your team will be thanking you the rest of their lives for giving them this opportunity. This is not an exaggeration or a sales pitch—we have seen it time and time again. You have to see it to really understand it!


Format options: half day or full day


Becoming a Certified Dream Manager means that an individual will have the unique authority to connect people with the power of dreaming and guide them in their journey to becoming the-best-version-of-themselves.


A Certified Dream Manager will receive: ​

  • Licensing to use the monthly training curriculum of the Dream Manager Program

  • Ongoing coaching to support implementation of the Program

  • A Dream Manager to coach the individual through the Dream Manager Program

  • Ability to utilize assessment tools and surveys with your participants

  • Connection to a network of Certified Dream Managers


Certification training kicks off over two days and then continues remotely for the course of one year. Our staff delivers an engaging training which explores the Dream Manager Program content and helps to explain how this dynamic program changes live, teams, and businesses. The training schedule includes sixteen hours of in-person Dream Manager Certification instruction and twelve hours of training time with your own Floyd Coach over the course of the next year to experience the Program as a participant. Additionally, implementation support is provided over the course of the year to ensure that the Certified Dream Manager(s) get The Dream Manager Program launched successfully at their organization. 

A powerful training curriculum designed by Matthew Kelly and the Floyd team supports professional development and ongoing work as a Certified Dream Manager. The curriculum has been implemented in hundreds of companies. 


Don’t Just Manage, Coach!, is the training experience based on Matthew Kelly’s book, The Culture Solution. It was specifically designed for anyone who manages people. Organizations are given the tools necessary to create a coaching culture. Nothing will have more impact on your culture than coaching. It is the silver bullet of dynamic cultures.   

During this powerful training experience participants will discover: 

     • Why culture is the ultimate competitive advantage  

     • The Difference between a Manager and a Coaching-Leader  

     • How to become a Coaching-Leader  

     • How to Coach and Lead Difficult Personalities  

     • More than 21 ways to practically implement the ideas covered in The Culture Solution 
       every day  at work!  


What if schools had access to the same tools as top companies have to engage and grow their staff? What if schools could utilize the best business practices to grow their teachers? What if school leaders could stop the exodus of talented teachers that continues year-after-year? 


What if every teacher was the school’s best teacher?


Now, for the first time, school leaders can do something about these problems and can proactively grow their teachers.  The Bigger and Better Future Program for Schools by Floyd Consulting provides school leaders with the same tools utilized by top companies across the country.


The Problem: we have an engagement problem in our country. This disengagement has devastating effects on both productivity and workplace culture. Unfortunately, the educational world is not immune to this problem. In fact, research indicates that almost 70% of American teachers are disengaged in their work. Worse, 20% of those teachers are actively disengaged—which means they are spreading negativity each and every day to students, parents, and co-workers, effectively destroying their school’s culture.


The Solution: this high-energy interactive 90-minute program helps teachers become more engaged in their work by helping them become more engaged in their own lives by seeing a future that is Bigger and Better than the present. Teachers leave the event with a clearer and more vibrant picture of their jobs and their lives.


One of the major issues plaguing the corporate world today is work-life balance. Employees and companies have been talking about it for decades now—but where is the training that helps people understand what it is and what it is not?


This training is based on Matthew Kelly’s best-selling book Off Balance: Getting Beyond the Work-Life Balance Myth to Personal and Professional Satisfaction.


It is an interactive workshop designed for groups of six to 150 people. This training will change the way attendees think about work-life balance and give them the tools they need to start creating personal and professional satisfaction.


Format options: two hours, half day, or full day.


Sometimes you need to get away from working in the business to effectively work on the business. For more than a decade, the Floyd team has been designing off–site experiences for business leaders and their leadership teams. Whether you are looking for a one, two, or three–day experience, allow Floyd to design the perfect program to accomplish your objectives.

Is it time for some team building? Is your team in need of an interactive strategy session? Floyd designs off-site experiences that cater to your specific needs and desired outcomes. Before you plan your next off-site experience, we invite you to schedule a call with us to discuss the possibilities. If you have never hosted an off-site experience for your team . . . we can’t wait to help you design and plan your first.

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