Nobody achieves excellence at anything without coaching. You can get good at something just by working hard. Throw in some natural ability and you might get really good at it. But excellence requires coaching.


So, who is your coach? And who is coaching your people?


Tell us what you want to accomplish and we will design a coaching program to get you there. We have helped sales teams triple their results; we have transformed dysfunctional cultures; we have helped leaders learn that most people don’t need a manager, they need a coach; we have reduced turnover and increased engagement in astounding ways.


Let’s work together to create a coaching culture in your organization. Everyone needs formal and informal coaching, and it is the best way to spend professional development dollars; the ROI is incredible. Coaching will transform your people so they can transform your business.


A culture of coaching is a culture of champions. We look forward to helping you create that kind of culture within your organization.


Floyd’s executive coaching program focuses on four key areas: helping leaders make great decisions by understanding all the options available; helping leaders create a dynamic culture of coaching; helping leaders thrive personally; and helping leaders find new ways to grow their businesses.


This program is designed specifically for entrepreneurs and people whose compensation is determined by their results. Most entrepreneurs know only one way to make more money: work more. Floyd’s business coaching focuses on helping entrepreneurs make more money and work less. If you would like to double your income and work half as much, you need a Floyd business coach.


This is our most popular coaching offering. It focuses on helping participants to thrive both personally and professionally. Companies have seen astounding results by offering this program to their employees. Based on Matthew Kelly’s best-selling books The Dream Manager and The Rhythm of Life, this 36-module program is truly life changing. 


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