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Everyone needs a coach. We have a coach for everyone.

Nobody achieves excellence at anything without coaching. You can get good at something just by working hard. Throw in some natural ability and you might get really good at it. But excellence requires coaching. Without coaching, mediocrity is inevitable.


So, who is your coach? And who is coaching your people?


No matter what you want to accomplish, we have a coaching experience to help you achieve your personal and professional dreams. We have helped sales teams triple their results; we have transformed dysfunctional cultures; we have turned managers into coaching leaders who inspire their team; we have reduced turnover and increased engagement in astounding ways; we have helped people start living more fulfilling lives.


Whether you’re a leader in an organization working to improve your culture, a team member searching for ways to grow their skills, an entrepreneur desperate to stop working so much, or a stay-at-home mom ready to make some changes, we have a coach for you. Let’s work together to help you become the-best-version-of-yourself.  

Each of our coaching experiences is specifically designed to develop individuals by meeting them where they are. No matter what the experience, your coach will:


  • Help you grow personally and professionally. 

  • Ask you great questions to uncover the real challenge you’re facing so you can make the best decision. Your coach is your #1 sounding board.  

  • Provide a space for you to freely share your challenges & frustrations with no hidden agenda.  

  • Help you develop your personal and/or professional strategic plan.

  • Call you out when needed and hold you accountable to achieve your goals.  


Business Coaching Experiences


Let’s work together to create a coaching culture in your organization. Everyone needs formal and informal coaching, and it is the best way to spend professional development dollars; the ROI is incredible. Coaching will transform your people so they can transform your business.


A culture of coaching is a culture of champions. We look forward to helping you create that kind of culture within your organization.

Executive Coaching (CEO, C-Level Executives)

Floyd’s Executive Coaching experience is specifically designed for overloaded top-level leaders responsible for the vision, strategy, and growth of their organization. Every successful leader has a coach to help them uncover their competitive advantage.

Business Coaching for Leaders (VPs, Directors, Managers)

Floyd’s Business Coaching for Leaders experience is specifically designed for key leaders or future leaders of an organization. They typically lead a team and have direct influence on their team’s culture. They are responsible for executing and achieving the goals in the strategic plan.

Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Floyd’s Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs experience is designed specifically for entrepreneurs and owners whose compensation is determined by their results. Most entrepreneurs know only one way to make more money: work more. Our coaches guide you through a series of questions to uncover strategies to start making more and working less. If you would like to double your income and work half as much, you need a Floyd business coach.

Life Coaching 

The Dream Manager is the ultimate life coaching experience based on Matthew Kelly’s best-selling book The Dream Manager. Your Dream Manager will help you become more strategic in your life and finally start achieving your dreams. Companies have seen astounding results by offering this program to their employees. Individuals have transformed their lives.

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