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culture assessment

based on Matthew Kelly's book The Culture Solution


Everyone wants to belong to a Dynamic Culture...

so people love coming to work and accomplishing great things together!


Invest 7 minutes in yourself and your organization to:

  • Determine the health of your organization's culture

  • Get clear about your organization's strengths and weaknesses

  • Receive customized recommendations to help you build a Dynamic Culture

CS-book (1).png

“Culture - not strategy, technology, finance, industry knowledge, or marketing - is the ultimate advantage of our age.”

Matthew Kelly, The Culture Solution  

Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your organization's culture.

Taking Floyd's complimentary culture assessment is the first step to building a dynamic culture, so your team loves coming to work and accomplishing great things together. 


​Culture is the difference between long-term, sustainable success and failure. It’s the difference between a highly engaged workforce and a quit-and-stay workforce. Dynamic Cultures add value in ways that are impossible to name or measure. A Dynamic Culture saves an organization from wasting resources on turnover, attracting talent, and training new employees – all of which distract your most talented people from your biggest opportunities. 


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