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The Culture Solution Conversation

Right now, the world is filled with uncertainty. Businesses are facing real challenges. Leaders are being forced to lay people off, teams are learning how to work remotely, people are fearful, and nobody is sure about the future.

However, during times of crisis, people always need one thing: bold leadership.Your team needs you to show confidence and provide direction. They need to be reminded of your organization's mission, how they contribute, and what is expected of them.

As your people navigate through uncharted territory, they need coaching. Fortunately, that’s what Floyd does. Our mission is to grow people. For over a decade, the Floyd team has been working with leaders to empower their teams and create a dynamic culture in their organization. We’re here to help you grow through this situation.  

Join us for a live conversation about team growth and creating a dynamic culture. We’ll be sharing tips on how to be an effective coaching leader so you and your team can be proud of who you’ve become when we get to the other side of this challenge. We invite you to join the conversation, ask questions, and share the insights you’ve discovered over the last few weeks. We’re all in this together.  



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