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Today, More Than Ever Organizations Are Searching for a Culture Solution

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Amazon #1 New Release in Leadership Training - The Culture Solution. The latest groundbreaking tome from Matthew Kelly, New York Times bestselling author of the multi-million selling business classic, The Dream Manager.


The CULTURE SOLUTION (January 2, 2019; Blue Sparrow Books. $29.95/Hardcover). From unlimited vacation and in-office massages to casual Fridays and bring your dog to work programs – companies are thinking beyond a bonus or more pay to attract and retain talent.

But while more and more companies offer a creative range of perks, America’s leading voice on employee engagement and workplace culture expert, Matthew Kelly, alongside the country’s largest recruitment groups, believe that in the 2020s and beyond, a workplace culture supportive of coaching and training, wellbeing and flexibility is the real key to getting employees over the line, not the free lunch or the puppies.

“Culture is tremendously misunderstood. There is enormous confusion surrounding what is and what isn’t culture, even among the highest level of organizational leaders today.” – Matthew Kelly

In his first business book in a decade, Matthew Kelly, author of the multi-million selling business classic, The Dream Manager, redefines our thinking about work culture in The Culture Solution, and shares the strategies through which his clients including Proctor & Gamble, Pfizer, FedEx, the NFL, the United States Navy and Air Force plus hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs have all reaped quantifiable productivity and growth.

The Culture Solution offers the foundation upon which any organization can build a dynamic culture. Anchored on the six immutable principles of a dynamic culture, the book makes the case that every single person in an organization has a role to play in the creation of a great culture where people love coming to work and accomplishing great things together.

“An organization can only become the-best-version-of-itself to the extent that the people who are driving that organization are becoming better-versions-of-themselves.” – Floyd Consulting, a Matthew Kelly company

Kelly shows you first-hand the key to hiring in the 21st century, how to scale a business by growing the employees at every level, plus, he will teach you how to build a coaching culture while de-emphasizing managers. In The Culture Solution, Kelly explains that we learn best when what is being taught adds indisputable value to both our personal and professional lives; when what is being taught can be applied both personally and professionally.

About Matthew Kelly: Matthew Kelly’s books have appeared on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller lists, have sold more than 35 million copies, and are published in 25 languages. More than 5 million people have attended Kelly’s live seminars, in over 50 countries. Kelly has more than 25 years experience in consulting on employee engagement and company culture. He is the Founder and President of five organizations, and has over 150 thriving employees.


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Jan 05, 2019

Has the Culture Solution been applied to healthcare organizations? I have been working in nonprofit and for profit residential care programs with staff turnover that is so high that a team can not exactly develop. We do provide a service to those who are in assisted living for a variety of reasons. Fulfilling the mission of the company is quite challenging, so I hesitate to read the book if the solution is only for those organizations that are making something or providing a service but that is not healthcare. We work with people who are in pain and experiencing the difficulties of aging. SO far the best advise I have found comes from preventing burnout from nurses, however nurse…

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