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The Culture Solution Training - The Future of Leading People Is Coaching

Don’t just manage: coach! It’s how great champions are made and, in the corporate world, how truly outstanding workplace cultures are built.

All too often, business transformation is confused with managerial excellence or operational improvement, though taking this view can be detrimental, leading organizations to do the wrong things faster and cheaper but rarely causing a positive shift in thinking.

A workplace culture characterized by coaching has within it a leader unleashing human potential, and an organization best placed for innovation, adaptability and the opportunity to develop talented next generation leaders.

In a special premiere event, New York Times bestselling author, and America’s leading voice on workplace culture, Matthew Kelly, alongside the FLOYD Consulting team, presents Don’t Just Manage–Coach! a world-class employee engagement and leadership development program that will teach you:

• The difference between a manager and a coaching-leader

- By coaching employees, feedback is no longer seldom but constant: encouragement, correction, and coaching, paving the way for commitment to continuous learning.

• How to become a coaching-leader

- Create a sustainable, self-generating leadership legacy that delivers greater productivity, profitability, and reduces staff turnover.

• How to coach and lead difficult personalities

- Learn how to hire for the 21st century. Business innovation and growth has only ever developed from people who were serious about succeeding and hungry for best practices.

• And, 21+ ways to practically implement The Culture Solution each day at the office

- Great leaders, hungry to drive real improvement (rather than cosmetic improvement), coach their people rather than issuing objectives.

A coaching culture is the ultimate competitive advantage. In an empowered and engaged environment, employees feel a deeper sense of responsibility, accountability, and satisfaction in the workplace, much like the janitor working at NASA in 1962 who, when asked by President John F. Kennedy what his role was, he replied: “Mr President, I’m helping put a man on the moon.”

“The best of the best always have coaches, and champions love coaching. Coaching leads to excellence.” – Matthew Kelly

Ticketing details: (Bookings:

· April 4th, 2019 in Jupiter, FL

· $399-$499

· One full-day training presented by New York Times bestselling author and speaker, Matthew Kelly, alongside the Floyd Consulting team

· Networking breakfast & lunch

· Copy of The Culture Solution



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