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The Best Way to Live

If I told you that you could have the life of the fisherman, would you believe me? Perhaps you would, perhaps you wouldn’t, and perhaps you would like to but would doubt me nonetheless. Maybe you would think it a ridiculous propo-sition and dismiss it immediately as nonsense. Or maybe you would become curious about the possibilities. Take a moment to think about it. Is it possible that you could have the life of the fisherman in the story?

The answer is yes. I am confident that you could have the fisherman’s life if you really wanted it. But I don’t think you really want it. You might enjoy it for two or three weeks, but that’s a vacation, and vacations are not life. Then again, maybe you don’t really want the life you have right now, so you figure the fisherman’s life has to be better. That’s a dangerous assumption, but at least it shines a light on your dissatisfaction— and from time to time it is good to get in touch with our dissatisfaction.


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