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The Benefits of Hiring a Dream Manager

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

What if you could incorporate one program that would increase employee engagement, attract and retain incredible talent, and improve the culture of your organization? The Dream Manager program makes all of these things possible. 

By hiring a Dream Manager, you're investing in your team. You're making a commitment to help each individual become the-best-version-of-themselves. Only then will they become the best team member and help the company achieve success. 

Floyd Consulting is the home of the Dream Manager, written and created by New York Times Best Selling Author, Matthew Kelly. Floyd's CEO, Kate Volman, interviewed one of our incredible clients to share the impact of having a full time Dream Manager. Chris DeVlieger is the Certified Dream Manager at The Suter Company. Chris said, "We knew the program was going to be a success, but we had no idea how much impact it would have on our company."  

Over the past year and a half, some of the benefits The Suter Company has experienced are: 

• 6% decrease in turnover 

• Inspired hope among employees (it got people dreaming again) 

• Improved company culture  

• Attracted incredible talent  

The Suter Company experienced so much success that after only one year, they hired another Dream Manager to join the team and work with more dreamers. 

The Suter Company's Dream Dashboard.

Chris believes every company should have a Dream Manager. When leaders get started, she reminds them to trust the process. It takes a little time from everyone involved when starting a powerful initiative like this. It's completely worth the investment.

Please click here to schedule a call with one of our coaches to find out the impact the Dream Manager program can have on your organization.



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