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Do You Make Culture A Priority?

Last week I had lunch with a group of savvy business leaders. There’s so much value in getting together with like-minded individuals to share experiences and brainstorm. The hot topic of discussion was centered around attracting and retaining great talent. It’s interesting how leaders approach this common business challenge differently. Some think they need to throw money at the problem and simply pay people more. Some believe the only way it would ever be possible to recruit superstars on their team is to create a Google-like environment with perks like unlimited vacation days, free lunch, and sleep pods.   

Of course, nobody is going to turn down more money or free food. And sure, it would be fun to sneak away and take a power nap in a sleep pod. However, I do question how comfortable they are. While those things may sound nice, there’s a more powerful way to attract talented people and at the same time help your business become the-best-version-of-itself; Build a dynamic culture. People want to work in an environment where they feel valued, supported, and heard. They want to find a place where they get to do work they love with a team that has a clear mission and purpose. 

In Matthew Kelly’s book, The Culture Solution, he says “Culture—not strategy, technology, finance, industry knowledge, or marketing—is the ultimate advantage of our age.” Companies with great cultures stand out and get talked about. Their employees and customers rave about their experiences. Extraordinary employees are attracted to dynamic cultures. And when someone finds a great culture, they don’t want to leave. 

Most leaders say they are committed to creating a dynamic culture. However, few are bold enough to make it a priority. Are you? 



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