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Don't Just Manage, Coach!

Do you believe you have the power to create a dynamic culture in your organization? Last week, The Floyd Team was surrounded by people who believe it is possible. We were joined by over 100 professionals excited to learn from Matthew Kelly during our first Culture Solution Training, Don’t Just Manage, Coach! The energy in the room was incredible. New friends were made, stories were shared, and everyone left with ideas they could bring back to their team and start implementing immediately. 

The main focus of the training was how to create a coaching culture. Nothing will have more impact on your culture than coaching. In fact, the best leaders spend the majority of their time coaching people. While this may sound overwhelming, it shouldn't. It doesn’t have to take hours every day to coach someone. It’s up to us to make every interaction with our team a coachable moment that helps them get better.  

Are you a great coach? Is every manager on your team a great coach? Think about how different your organization would look if everyone who managed people were amazing coaching leaders. If building a dynamic culture is a priority for you this year, consider hiring a coach.  



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