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Apartment Turnovers, Inc. | Ivana Rochac

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

There are a variety of reasons leaders decide to implement the Dream Manager in their organization. After reading the book, it becomes clear that in order to create a great culture and achieve their business goals they must invest in their team. They understand that making it a priority to help each person on their team become the-best-version-of-themselves is the key to building a business that is the best-version-of-itself.

Robert Robertson is the Founder and President of Apartment Turnovers, Inc. a full-service company that provides apartment and property managers with a one-call turnover service solution for all their apartment turnover and renovation service needs. After deciding to make employee retention a priority, he and Ivana Rochac, Director of HR, became Certified Dream Managers. While they knew it would make a difference, they had no idea how much of an impact it would create in such a short amount of time. In fact, in only five months, they experienced a 34% decrease in turnover. 

When initially rolling out the Dream Manager program, they offered it to their leadership team first before making it available to their front-line employees. Ivana was pleasantly surprised by how many people embraced the program and have been so open about their dreams. 

Floyd’s CEO Kate Volman interviewed Ivana to discuss the impact the Dream Manager is having in their organization. Watch the full interview here: 

In addition to a decrease in turnover, some of the other benefits they’ve experienced are: 

  • Increased profits

  • Improved communication among the team

  • Team members supporting and helping each other regularly

  • Company culture is improving every day 

Ivana advices any leader even thinking about implementing Dream Manager to get certified, get started, and trust the process.

Schedule a call with one of our coaches to find out the impact the Dream Manager program can have on your organization.


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