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Dream Managers Help People Become The-Best-Version-of-Themselves

Every organization benefits greatly from having a Dream Manager. Dream Managers help people become the-best-version-of-themselves. They empower team members to pursue their dreams which improves their personal and professional satisfaction. Dream Managers help build dynamic cultures, so people love coming to work and accomplishing great things together.

In this interview, Floyd Consulting CEO, Kate Volman interviews Lonnie Scarborough, EVP/Chief Dream Manager & Talent Development Officer for Origin Bank. Origin Bank is experiencing so much success with the program that they decided to hire four more Dream Managers to ensure everyone on their team can experience this life-changing program.

Origin Bank was named one of the best banks to work for in 2020. This isn't surprising considering how deeply they care about their team and invest in their people.

Culture is a priority for Origin Bank. After becoming a Certified Dream Manager, Lonnie implemented the program and they immediately started seeing results including:

  • Team members dreaming again

  • Increase in personal and professional satisfaction

  • Team members receiving promotions

  • Improving their already great company culture

  • Increased employee engagement & improved retention

Floyd is proud to work with organizations like Origin Bank. They support our mission of helping people grow. If you're interested in learning more about Floyd's Dream Manager Program and how to incorporate it into your organization, please email and one of our coaches will contact you directly. "There is no better employee engagement tool than Dream Manager because you're dealing with the entire person. The employee believes the employer cares about them which creates loyalty and engagement. When you help people be happier at home, they'll be happier at work."

- Lonnie Scarborough, EVP / Chief Dream Manager & Talent Development Officer for Origin Bank


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