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How Do We Implement Lasting Changes in Our Teams and Businesses?

When training is combined with coaching, individuals increase their productivity by an average of 86% compared to 22% with training alone. (Personnel Management Association)

We have all left a conference pumped and ready to achieve our goals. Unfortunately, after a few days, our excitement subsides and we're back to our normal routine. Although it would be easier if we could change as quickly as accepting an idea, Matthew Kelly was correct when he said, “Our lives change when our habits change.” As leaders, we can't expect people to change their thinking or habits in just a few hours.

So how do we implement lasting changes in our teams and businesses?

We need to pair powerful training days with transformative coaching experiences. At Floyd, our coaches help leaders implement ideas from training sessions, infusing them throughout the organization. Soon, the whole culture of a company begins to shift. Whether your team is working remotely or back in the office, they will be more effective after a training to get everyone focused and ongoing coaching helping them grow throughout the year.



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