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Becoming the Best-Version-of-Yourself in Sales

Updated: May 1, 2019

Our mission at Floyd Consulting is to help our clients – both individuals and businesses – to become the best-versions-of-themselves. We recognize that business is all about people. The same goes for sales. The world of selling continues to evolve and change almost daily – there are always new selling techniques, philosophies, technologies, experts, and Gurus who promise quick fixes and magic wands. Sellers often find themselves amidst a lot of noise. They try different things on for size in the pursuit of success but lack the foundation that every single one of my most successful clients has which is a desire and a plan to become the best-version-of-themselves in sales.

When I start working with a new sales coaching client, I ask them to start a fresh notebook and write down answers to these two questions every single day.

“How did I work to become the best-version-of-myself in sales today?”

“How will I work to become the best-version-of-myself in sales tomorrow?”

At first glance, they sound like simple questions. But my clients have witnessed how powerful this exercise, done consistently, really is. We are able to glean some really productive - often game-changing - insights from their answers.

As I mentioned, sellers are in the business of people. Like in any relationship, in order for it to thrive, there must be routine self-examination. In sales, if sellers don’t start by examining themselves first, they tend to just throw a bunch of techniques and philosophies up against a wall to see what sticks and crossing fingers that they will eventually yield the results they desire. Obviously, that is not a winning strategy.

By allowing this simple but powerful concept of becoming the best-version-of-yourself in sales to guide your business, you will gain much more clarity in your examination of the habits, behaviors, traits and characteristics that support or do not support you being the best-version-of-yourself in sales and you will knock your goals right out of the park!

In coaching hundreds of sellers over the course of many years, with each coaching relationship being premised on the client becoming the best-version-of-themselves in sales, here are three attributes that my highest-achieving sales clients have in common.

1) Awareness. They understand that to be in the business of people - in which the ability to connect with others will make or break your business - you have to start by looking at yourself. Highly aware clients are better able to take inventory of their environment, habits, behaviors, relationships, time management, energy, and blind spots. Cultivating awareness ensures that opportunities aren’t missed, risks are taken when they should be, and they aren’t taken when they shouldn’t be. Most people fail because they quit too soon. The more aware of themselves a seller is, the better able she is to connect with others. When you’re in the business of people, awareness is critical.

2) Tenacity. High-achievers have the tenacity to maintain the mental posture of a successful seller. They maintain this mental posture even when they are tired, frustrated, and aren’t yielding their desired results. They recognize that in order to become the best-version-of-themselves in sales, they must believe that they are capable of achievement even when the facts sometimes demonstrate otherwise. They are tenaciously dedicated to self-love, self-support, and positive self-talk. They know they are capable of greatness and are committed to doing the work necessary to achieve it. They don’t just believe they can get there, they know it.

3) Enthusiasm. Top sellers are not just enthusiastic about their products, services, and clients. Sometimes they love what they sell, sometimes they don’t. And that’s ok. But what they are consistently wildly on-fire enthusiastic about is self-improvement. They are hungry for growth. They are hungry for knowledge. They want to be GREAT at what they do. They are enthused about the process of becoming the best-version-of-themselves and their enthusiasm is contagious. In turn, everyone around them can feel this. And their numbers reflect it.

So, are you ready to take your sales to the next level and have your best year ever?

If the answer is yes, run – don’t walk – and get yourself a notebook. Start asking:

“How did I work to become the best-version-of-myself in sales today?”

“How will I work to become the best-version-of-myself in sales tomorrow?”

Continue this practice for the rest of the year. Your results will speak for themselves



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