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Are You Ready to Build a Dynamic Culture?

The year is half over and it’s fun to look back and reflect on what you’ve achieved. What are you most proud of accomplishing so far? What are you looking forward to achieving before the end of the year?

My team and I are in awe of our clients and community who are achieving their dreams and making an impact in the world. We are so grateful for the opportunity to do work that helps teams communicate more effectively, build better relationships, achieve their goals, and grow.

So far this year, we’ve certified 25 new Dream Managers, delivered transformational trainings to teams all over the country, keynoted at events, and helped hundreds of people fulfill their dreams. We also hosted an awesome one-day training event called Don’t Just Manage, Coach! based on Matthew Kelly’s latest book, The Culture Solution (have you read it yet?). The incredible feedback we received from over 100 attendees inspired us to schedule another event and we would love for you to be there on October 10th in Chicago. See below for details.

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