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5 Things to Help You Become The-Best-Version-of-Yourself

Here are five things we want to share with you this week to help you become the-best-version-of yourself.

1. Never Forget These Six Truths by Matthew Kelly.

2. Did You Know? 73% of executives have left a job because they did not like the company culture. How would you rate your company culture today?

3. Give your team the gift of dreaming. Invite one of our dynamic speakers to your organization to facilitate a powerful DreamStorming session. Click here to schedule a call.

4. Have you seen Matthew Kelly's YouTube channel? His 60 Second Wisdom videos are life-changing. Please add your thoughts in the comment section after watching.

5. "Life isn't a race, it's a dance. Every step forward and every step back, stepping sidewards and twirling in circles, are all part of the dance we call life." -Matthew Kelly, Life is Messy

Dream Big,

The Floyd Team

P.S. If you missed the last edition, you can find it on our blog.

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