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How would you rate the culture of your organization? If your goal is to build a dynamic culture where everyone loves coming to work and accomplishing great things together, you'll definitely want to join us for our next Culture Solution Conversation.

For over a decade, the Floyd team has been working with leaders to empower their teams and create dynamic cultures. Our mission is simple. We grow people.

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, the world is filled with uncertainty. Businesses are facing real challenges, leaders are being forced to lay people off, and teams are learning to work remotely. Nobody is certain about the future. We still aren't.

In an effort to help you grow despite this time, we started our live Culture Solution Conversations. Each week we choose one of the six immutable principles of a dynamic culture from Matthew Kelly's book The Culture Solution. We share helpful tips and ideas you can immediately start applying. These calls are not just for CEOs and managers. Everyone in your organization can benefit.


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