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In Matthew Kelly's best-selling book, The Dream Manager, he demonstrates how companies can achieve remarkable results by helping their employees fulfill their dreams and become the-best-version-of-themselves. 

Certified Dream Managers are uniquely trained to unleash the powerful connection between the dreams of employees and the goals of their organization. Floyd's process is proven, the curriculum is powerful and simple, and the Dream Manager name is trusted by millions of leaders. 

Find out what it takes to become a Certified Dream Manager by joining our upcoming free webinar. You'll discover: 

  1. Why having a Dream Manager is so powerful

  2. What the two-day certification includes

  3. How other companies are leveraging the Dream Manager program

  4. How individuals are transforming their coaching business using the Dream Manager process

  5. How you can get started

Participants will also have the opportunity to meet members of the Floyd team and ask questions about our upcoming Virtual Dream Manager Certification taking place on October 29 & 30. 

*If you experience trouble registering for the webinar using the widget above, click here to register. 



Learn more about becoming a Certified Dream Manager and the impact it will have on you and your team.

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